Converter Service

Altium -> KiCad converter

This is an online version of altium2kicad. If you don't want to send your data to the internet, you can download it there and convert it on your own computer.

1. Pack your .PcbDoc and .SchDoc and any referenced images into a .ZIP file. The maximum size is 40 MB. For larger files please download the converter instead.
2. Upload the ZIP file here:

4. Download the resulting ZIP archive, extract it, open the .pro File in KiCad
5. In case of problems, review the altium2kicad-conversionlog.txt Logfile in the ZIP archive.
If you have any issues with this converter, please file them on the altium2kicad Issue page.

ModelSource -> KiCad converter Beta

This Converter is not necessary anymore, since RS-Components offers KiCad models directly. Thanks to RS-Components!

1. Go to ModelSource , login or register if necessary
2. Select "Accel PCAD 2002 to 2006" for the CAD file type
3. Search all the components you want
4. Download the resulting ZIP archive
5. Now upload the ZIP archive here:

7. Save the library you get
8. Open the library in KiCad
9. Double-check, whether the conversion is correct

Warning: This tool is still in Beta-Testing. If you notice any problems, please contact pg at futureware dot at.

The sourcecode is available here.