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Defkon 17? What's that?

Defkon 17 is a Realtime Strategy game, that was developed by PCX Brothers.

A short time ago...

perhaps in the year 1995. Stephan Meißner and Philip Bader from PCX Brothers developed the realtime strategy simulation Defkon 17 under Dos. But they had a lot of bugs and other problems, so they started from scratch several times, and abandoned the project in 1996 completely. The result were 2 different versions, and between 10 and 20 releases from each. In the summer 1999 Philipp Gühring remembered Defkon, and asked PCX Brothers for Defkon, got the sourcecode of the last two versions, and got the permission to put Defkon 17 under the GPL. After a short brainstorming, Futureware decided to port the game engine to GNU/Linux, and realize a new game concept with it.

Sourceforge: Defkon

Screenshot 1

The graphic

The sound

The programming

Defkon 17 was first developed with Watcom C++ 10.0 from Powersoft under Dos, ported to Linux with gcc, and reworked afterwards.

Screenshot 2
We are searching for 3D GRAPHIC ARTISTS!!!


Defkon 17 is under the GPL.

System requirements: Linux

Well, I would say you should have a 80486, 16 MB RAM, a CD-ROM-drive and a VGA-card. The operation system should be Linux 2.0.x or higher, including the glibc 2.1 library. The graphic library we used is called ggi (http://www.ggi-project.org/). You can use it under X and under the console(svgalib). If there is X-Server available, it tries to use the svgalib. We currently recommend an 8 Bit X-Server.

Defkon 17 ist not yet installable, so there are no packages yet.
http://members.xoom.com/p_guehring/defkon/ is the Defkon download place.
The latest version of Defkon for Linux
libgii This packet contains the libraries for the input devices. It is a part of the GGI system, and is used by the packet libggi.
libggi libggi This packet contains the graphic library ggi, which is used by Defkon 17.

Screenshot 3